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University of Macklin Ford is among the few academic institutions that is not only committed to academic excellence but also striving to provide its students with unlimited career opportunities to help them unleash their true potential. For this reason, the university extends its partnerships with elite corporate society and leading multinational organizations across the world.

These partner employers are also an integral part of the academic panel to ensure that the curriculum that is being taught at University of Macklin Ford is fully aligned with their respective industry and the graduates we produce will be an ideal workforce for them to recruit. This is one of the major reason why most of our graduates get employment offers from these employers within the first 6 months of their graduation.

This also help our students to move up on the career ladder with these employers much quickly than the other university graduates. It’s a win-win for the entire job-market-institution ecosystem as everyone achieve their objectives and contribute to other’s success together.

Here are some of the major programs that are being managed by the University of Macklin Ford for its students & alumni.

Internship Programs

University of Macklin Ford is known for providing its students an exceptional learning experience that is beyond classroom. At University of Macklin Ford, we believe that getting a hands-on market experience is essential for students to get full-prepared even before they enter professional career. Every year, University of Macklin Ford arranges internship programs with our partner employers where we bring students and employer closer and help our students to explore their options much closely. These internship programs provide students with a deeper industry-view to review their decision of choosing the industry and their preferred employer. University of Macklin Ford also considers internships as a solid life experience and provide credit hours against it which also helps students complete their academic program faster.

Placement Programs

Macklin Ford University has one of the biggest job placement programs offer by any university in the world. With over 800 partner employers in over 6 continents, we have successfully placed more than 25000 students in last 3 decades. The placement program at University of Macklin Ford is being managed by a competent team of over 100 members and work closely with each student we have on board. Macklin Ford’s comprehensive placement program not only inform its students with career opportunities but also provide complete career development service such as

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Counseling
  • Job placement & Vacancy Notification
  • LinkedIn Profile Management etc.

For more details, feel free to contact our student counselors at 1 855 964 7365 or email us at to discuss your partner employer status.


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