Credit Transfer

Macklin Ford University credit transfer facility lets you get credits for your academics, work experiences and life experiences that helped you learn and gain knowledge and skills related to your field of studies. Macklin Ford University credit transfer facility can be availed by any student applying for an admission in any degree, diploma or certificate program. Applicants can gain credits for their previous educational records, their work and professional experiences. Gained credits are transferred to your current academic program and you can get a reasonable cut in your required number of credits that are required to complete your degree, diploma or certificate program. Credit transfer facility does not only save time but it also saves your from tuition fee required for each credit hour.

Academic Credits

Get credits for previously studied courses or credit hours completed during a similar academic program. You can get a cut in extra credits required to complete your degree program.

Professional Experiences

Bonus credits are granted to professionals completing their higher studies. Applicants get credits for work experience that helped them gain professional knowledge and skills.

Social Experiences

Applicants get credits for their social and general life experiences that helped them acquire their field related knowledge and expertise. Credits are granted for attended seminars and workshop.


For students in United States.

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