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Distance learning academic programs available at University of Macklin Ford are a modern way of combining innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction among your tutor and fellow students from around the world.

Online courses offer students the flexibility of studying from anywhere and at any time over the Internet.

The University is committed to make Quality Higher Education affordable for all and provides over 100 online and distance learning courses across a wide range of subjects; some courses lead to University qualifications through fast track.

The online mode of distance learning is an easy & flexible way of education that allows students to study courses on the Internet. At UOMF, distance learning students study through course material & assessments made available on their student's area, making us the first choice among working adults and home school students. The online education is accessible to students from any place of study and can be completed entirely at one's own pace. With no postal communications required, all academic, administrative and communication functions of students are easily accessible online.

University of Macklin Ford‘s self-paced and self-study online educational programs are ahead of others in terms of ease & flexibility, affordability, quickn4ess and quality of education.

Explore a wide range of affordable programs offered to you at UOMF:


The University of Macklin Ford offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees online. An online degree from UoMF is the same degree as the one earned on campus from any other university. That actually means same standards, world-class faculty, and same tradition of academic excellence.
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If you are seeking a pre-licensure, pre-certification, or seeking to meet continuing education requirements, UoMF Professional Development can help. Majority of the academic programs offered at University of Macklin Ford are 100% self-paced and fully online, allowing working professionals to connect with a top-ranked university from anywhere, at any time.
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UoMF offers undergraduate and graduate degrees at a number of off-campus studies around the world. These programs are taught by UoMF's top-ranked online faculty, and students receive the same excellent academic, training, and research opportunities.
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UoMF Flexible Learning provides anyone access to UF courses in an online, flexible format. Flex courses are open-enrollment and students work at their own pace. If you are not a UoMF student, no problem! Just sign up and start your studies!
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